Grabby Awards Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame is a special honor bestowed on outstanding performers and industry personalities that have contributed to the enhancement and quality of the adult gay video industry over the years. This special honor was unveiled at the first annual live award show in 1999.

The latest Wall of Fame inductees are highlighted below:

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Grabby's Wall of Fame



Barresi, Paul [2007] Performer, Writer, and Director. Barresi starred in the Joe Gage's seminal L.A. Tool & Die. Adult Video News has said Barresi's directorial efforts make him "undisputedly the king of military-themed videos.

Berry, Rod [2005] Performer.

Blake, Blue [2007] Performer, Director, and founder of Big Blue Productions. After winning the MR. DRUMMER UK title, ex-Royal Marine Blue Blake and his brother Gage first appeared on the XXX scene as COLT models. in 2005 Blue produced Young Gods starring Jason Adonis, and was promptly honored by AVN magazine by being placed in THE GAYVN LEGEND PORN HALL OF FAME.

Blake, Flex-Deon [2004] Performer.

Blakk, Jett [2006] Director (Red Devil Entertainment).

Branch, Jason [2003] Over the last half dozen years Branch has starred in over 60 videos. One of the industry's most masculine, sensual and versatile performers Branch is equally as appealing in hardcore fetish videos as he is in taking on dramatic or more vanilla roles and has become a multi-award winning performer.

Brandon, Michael [2003] Although dating back to 1989 when he first appeared in video Brandon appeared in a little more than a handful of videos until the late '90s. Since the turn of the century Brandon shot to an award winning status and now with over 100 plus videos behind him is the co-owner with Raging Stallion Studios of his own line of Monster Bang Videos where he is still the star of the show.


Caesar [2006] Performer.

Cannon, Steve [2002] A Chicago Performer noted as the first Fallen Angel in what started the blockbuster (Titan Media) series.

Clark, Will [2002] Not only a Performer, but a humanitarian whose contributions through organizing fund-raisers and continuing support of promoting safer sex in video portrayals.

Colbert, Gino [2007] Performer, Writer, Producer, and Director. Gino starred in several of the Switch Hitters series and has directed over 50 movies including Men in Blue and Jet Set Direct: Take One.


DiMarco, Tony [2008] Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Screen Writer, and Videographer for Lucas Entertainment's blockbuster movies such La Dolce Vita, The Gigalo, The Intern, and the long-running Encounters and Auditions series. In 2008, Tony joined Raging Stallion Studios as Staff Director.

Donner, Mike [2002] Director and Promotion Manager (All Worlds Video) who got his start as a Director with (Bijou Studios).

Donovan, Chad [2005] Performer.

Douglas, Jerry [2000] Multiple award-winning Director and Behind Closed Doors video reviewer.


East, Bob [1999] Executive Director (Oddysey Man Video).

Eheman, Ron [2002] Responsible for booking top porn stars on a regular basis here in Chicago for Man's Country's weekly show over the past decade. Also, the Editor of the very first Gay Chicago Magazine in 1976. In the past few years, under the name of Ron Mann, he has worked with Jeff Stryker (and other production companies) as a director and videographer.


Ferguson, "Big Daddy" [1999] Gay Chicago Magazine Founder, Grabby Co-founder.

Ferguson, Hank [2001] Co-founder of Grabby Awards, long-time Behind Closed Doors video reviewer, and former Grabby judge.

Forest, David [2007] Talent Manager/Agent who introduced the world of gay porn to Ryan Idol, Leo Ford, Lance, Jeremy Scott, Mike Henson, J.W. King, Marco Rossi, Ken Ryker, Jeff Palmer, Tom Katt, Caesar, Chris Steele, Billy Brandt, Billy Herrington, Cody Cash, Scott Baldwin, Eric Hanson, Jeremy Tucker, and many others.


Gage, Joe [2003] An adult gay erotic film pioneer from pre-video days. Gage's famous Kansas City Trucking Co. (1976), El Paso Wrecking Company (1977) and L.A. Tool & Die (1979) have become best selling classics. Gage's return to the industry started with Tulsa Country Line (Men of Odyssey 2001) and last year directed the award winning remake of his 1980 classic Closed Set with his MSR release Closed Set: The New Crew.

Greene, Chris [2005] Performer.


Harrison-Picklesimer, Bradley [2004] Make-up artist plus.

Hunt, Chad [2006] Performer.



Jeffries, Doug [2008] Performer and Director. Doug has performed in over 50 movies for several studios including Channel 1 Releasing and All Worlds Video. Doug won Grabbys for directorial debut, Untamed in 2001 and Hottest New Director in 2004. In 2005, Doug's Little Big League took home Grabbys. In 2006, Doug was also nominated for Best Screenplay for the Grabby Award winning Wrong Side of the Tracks 1 & 2.


Kane, Sharon [2002] A leading adult female performer in heterosexual videos for years, Miss Kane shifted to bi/gay video roles which have included numerous award-winning nonsexual appearances. Her extensive musical training and talent had resulted in hundreds of musical scores and performances throughout the industry and added additional awards to her collection.

Knight, Barry [2000] Legendary Jaguar Producers (Delta Editing and Productions).


Larson, Grant [2005] Performer.

LaRue, Chi Chi [1999 and 2007] Legendary DirectiXXX, multiple Grabby winner, and long-time Grabby co-hostess. In 2007, Chi Chi LaRue was chosen as one of Out Magazines's top 50 "most powerful gay men and women in America. Also, in 2007, Chi Chi received the first ever Grabby Lifetime Achievement Award.


Masters, Billy [2008] Comedian and Gossip Columnist. Gay Chicago Magazine and Grabby founder Ralph "Big Daddy" Ferguson saw Billy's column in a San Francisco paper and talked him into syndicating his column which now appears in gay magazines across the country.

Mills, Brian [2008] Director, Videographer, and Production Manager for TItan Media. Brian made his directorial debut in 1998 with Titan's Stuffed and has directed over 45 movies since TItan including several films in the seminal Fallen Angel series. In 2008, Brian won best videographer for H20.

Mistress Mona [2001] Two-time GayVN Award Winner as Make-Up Artist of the Stars.

Moore, Russell [2000] Legendary Jaguar Producers (Delta Editing and Productions).


North, Kent [2008] Hot House Lifetime Exclusive Performer and former 2007 Grabby Co-Host (awarded posthumously). Kent made 17 movies for Hot House including the critically acclaimed Communion, Black and Blue, and 2007 Grabby Best Video, Justice. Kent North died on July 4, 2007.



Phillips, Max [2007] Director and Videographer for Falcon Studios and multi-Grabby winner Drenched Part 1:Soaking it In, Drenched Part 2: Soaked to the Bone in 2004 and aking Flight Parts 1 and 2 in 2005.

Press, Dilion [2005] Performer and long-time Grabby Awards Show interpreter for the hearing-impaired.

Prion, Robert [2001] Director of over 50 productions.



Renslow, Chuck [2002] Owner and operator of Chris Studios in the late '60s and early '70s that produced erotic male nude books and 8mm all-male films. He is the founder and operator of International Mr. Leather (IML) who, also along with Ron Eheman, encouraged and helped Gay Chicago start the live Grabby shows here in Chicago.

Rodriguez, Raul [2004] Agent and Promoter.

Ross, Toby [1999 and 2008] Legendary Director and founder of Hornbill Films. Toby made gay hardcore films in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. His early films were shot on 16mm and were notably the most narratively gay films at the time. He also directed underground gay classics like Do Me Evil, Cruisin' 57, and Schoolmates composed of loops with added soundtracks. In the spring of 2008 he started working on a spy thriller called Moon over Hong Kong, an all male homage to the James Bond genre. Toby was inducted into the Grabby Wall of Fame in the first induction ceremony (1999) and in 2008, received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Rush, Matthew [2006] Performer.

Rutherford, John [2003] Multi-award winning Falcon Studios director who recently resigned as the head of Falcon. Rutherford started his adult video career under Falcon founder, the late Chuck Homes and was named the head of the studio's many divisions following Homes death. Since his first award winning blockbuster Flashpoint (1994) Rutherford has continued his award winning string with hit after hit.

Ryker, Ken [1999] Supersized Superstar.


Scarborough, Steven [2004] Director (Hot House Entertainment).

Simmons, Jack [2003] Starting his career as Buck Stradlin in the early '90s he quickly changed his name and has become one of the industry's most popular African-American performers in his over 60+ video career. His trademark smile and smooth personality adds to his sexual abilities as a standout performer on and off the screen.

Skee, Mickey [1999] Writer, Editor, Phillantropist, and former video reviewer for the Behind Closed Doors column.

Slater, J.D. [2003] Co-founder and owner of Raging Stallion Studios with Chris Ward, Slater started in the industry in the early '80s as a performer and appeared in dozens of videos on into the '90s. A talented composer and musician, Slater has also become a major composer and has scored musical backgrounds for all the major video companies.

Smith, Brent [2008] Producer, Vice President and Creative Director for industry power-house studio Hot House Entertainment.

Spears, Zak [2001] Gay VN Hall of Fame Inductee, Performer, and former Grabby Awards Show co-host.

Spencer, Jeremy [2005] Performer.

Steel, Jim [1999] Director.

Steele, Chris [2004] Performer, Director of Productions, Falcon Studios. Former host of the Grabby Awards.

Stryker, Jeff [2001] Legendary Performer.


Taylor, Christian [2004] Performer.

Tucker, Cole [2000] Multiple award-winning Performer.



Vilanch, Bruce [2007] One of the most sought-after jokesmiths in the entertainment industry including writing for the Oscars. Bruce Vilanch has become a recognizable face in his own right, thanks to his stint as a regular on "Hollywood Squares" (1998), for which he also served as head writer. Bruce has also starred in the Broadway production of "Hairspray the Musical."


Ward, Chris [2005] Director and founder of Raging Stallion Studios.

Walker, Steve (aka Hue Wilde) [2006] Director and Videographer.

West, Honey [2001] Long-time Grabby co-hostess and Chicago personality.

Williams, Parker [2008] Performer and Director. Parker broke into the industry in 2001 with Street Date. Since then, he has starred in over 30 movies for All Worlds Video, Arena Entertainment, Buckshot Productions, Catalina Video, Falcon, Hot House Entertainment, Lucas Entertainment, Massive Studio, MSR Video, Raging Stallion Studios, Rascal Video, Thor Productions, and Titan Media. In 2005, Parker made his directorial debut with Lube Job for Raging Stallion Studios.